How to Swing SharePoint to a new (clone) Config DB after Restoring from Backup

I have a request to get a restored SharePoint 2010 up for some recovery. The existing SharePoint is still running while having its same Image restored to a separate Server,

Content Plugin can not be initialized – list of CSS addresses is not set.

Having this error in my SharePoint Servers running Search Service Application. This error was due to Search Index folder not granted FULL CONTROl permission to the following SharePoint Local Group

Changing Domain and Changing SharePoint Distributed Cache Host Name

Today, I’m asked to change my SharePoint Servers to another domain. (jaw dropped). And I’m gonna share the important steps that help you to rename your existing distributed cache host

Definition of System Performance Test

Thought it would be good for me to write down my own note of definitions and its objective Performance Test Performance Test is used to measure the performance characteristics of

Office Web App with SharePoint Sorry there was a problem and we cant open this document

Introduction I have a Web Front End server running via HTTPS protocol and the SSL Cert is self-signed (Strictly HTTPS Only). Meanwhile, I also have an Officer Web App (OWA)