SharePoint Limited Access Permission – Careful when using BreakInheritance

This post is for SharePoint Developer or Admin who deals with SharePoint APIs (PowerShell or C#) I have recently discovered a killing command from SharePoint that could kill your SharePoint Day. At

Change the default settings for newly created SharePoint Document Library

Thought it would be helpful to share this. As you know, SharePoint Document Library by default, if you just simply create one, are not turned on with Version Control. This

SharePoing Global Navigation for SubSite not showing Parent Sites Nodes

Despite setting the properties “UseShared” for SPWeb object to “True”, it does not show the correct Parent’s Global Navigation nodes. I have this requirement where the subsites (3rd level, where

Compilation Error CS1061 ‘x.dll’ does not contain a definition for ‘Web’

Faced this problem when trying to run my web application. No error thrown in the Design view and no warning generated. However, hitting F5 gives me this error message which