NTLM Authentication failed despite login id and password is correct.

NTLM (NT Lan Manager) is a form of authentication protocol provided by Microsoft [Check NTLM -Wikipedia for details]. Though it is no longer recommended by Microsoft, some corporates are still

Basic SEO Implementations and Guides

SEO optimization is rather manually edited on per-post and per-page basis. Nonetheless, below summarizes some of the things that you may want to follow in order to get better SEO

SharePoint Calendar Connect to Outlook is not working. Events not synchronized

I came across this funny issue when my client is trying to download/synchronize SharePoint calendar events to his MS Outlook. The calendar instance is added successfully into his Outlook. However,

Turn on/off/ondemand Developer Dashboard of SharePoint 2010 using Powershell

Honestly, I personally prefer using Powershell than the old traditional Command Prompts. (no offense to those CMD lovers =X ). It will come to this day where you are asked

Add SPUser to SPGroup using Powershell

Adding user to SharePoint group manually is a painful process. Not to mention if you have tons of users using your SharePoint site.  To make life easier, I actually came

Search Request was unable to connect to the search services

Search return error intermittently. In my case, it’s about 50% chance to get this error message every time when i perform a search in FAST Search center. My environment setup

Using Powershell to make MS SQL query

Making SQL query is pretty simple, hope the following give you a quickest way to get sql data without using SQL Management Tool. (Note: Windows 7 does come with Powershell

FAST Search for SharePoint 2010: Query return “The search request was unable to connect to the Search Service”

This error thrown when you perform search on FAST Search Center. Firstly, make  sure you follow the steps from MS here. After setting up the Query SSA, you need to

Connection to contentdistributor FQDN:13391 could not be validated. Check your certificates and ssa configuration and make sure that instance of FAST Search Server backend is running.

Congratz! You are at the right place! I encountered this issue when executing the  SecureFASTSearchConnect.ps1. I tried the following steps provided by Microsoft HERE and it still didn’t work! If you