VMWare Workstation wont run when you have Hyper-V enabled

If you are a developer who needs VMWare to run your virtual machine and at the same time needed to run Docker for other things or doing mobile development that

SharePoint Search Service – service implementation object was not initialized

As usually, the same opening statement. “I recently bumped into this issue” where my Search Service Application services is throwing “service implementation object was not initialized” error when perform a

Exception calling “Update” with “0” argument(s): “Invalid look-up value

Had this error when trying to update SharePoint SPFieldLookupValueCollection using PowerShell. Just to share a small part of my PowerShell that DID NOT Work $valueCol = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldLookupValueCollection; $groupValue.Split(",") |

CAML Query did not return result for Date Range query

Having developing SharePoint for so many years, I just got to know that you CANNOT perform CAML Query for Date Range where your ISO Value is a DateTime.MinValue. CAML Query

Create a Page in SharePoint sub site is not adding to the sub site but the Root site

I hope the post title did not confuse you. I hit this weird behaviour in SharePoint when I was in “www.sharepoint.com/subsite” trying to create a Page in “www.sharepoint.com/subsite/pages” library. The

Parse Error in SharePoint Page Layout

If you ever bumped into this issue when your custom SharePoint Page Layout cannot be rendered properly. You may try the resolution steps below Description: An error occurred during the

Office 365 Infographic – Food for thought

Found this useful piece of information that may help any of you to sell Office 365. if you customer challenge you “Why using Office 365?” Slap  them with this! 🙂

How to Swing SharePoint to a new (clone) Config DB after Restoring from Backup

I have a request to get a restored SharePoint 2010 up for some recovery. The existing SharePoint is still running while having its same Image restored to a separate Server,

SharePoint Installation Error – Requires .NET Framework 4.5 despite having .NET Framework 4.6

I was puzzled when trying to install SharePoint 2013 in Windows 2012 R2. For the past few months when I was doing the same steps, this error did not occur.